The route is from the south and west of Benicadell up to it, he said path is a ring that starts at the Municipal Pool next to the Muro Bracal College and ends in the same place. Can be made in both directions is, go up and down Gaianes port or vice versa Albaida.

It is recommended to climb Gaianes. To shorten the route can be used two vehicles, one is left in port of Albaida and another on the Cross of Gaianes, where there is a panel-information booth at both sites, and the march is shortened can be done in one morning perfectly.

The route passes through: "el camí del Almoroig, explanación del ferrocarril de Gandia, Turballos, Camino de Gaianes, la Cruz de Gaianes, se sube por el calvario de Gaianes, Ermita de Gaianes", Contd per track to the junction of the road where there signpost, a path is taken to address Coveta Llarga, reference point where you have to pass close, to the left of it, go up to go to the top where it can be seen Valencia, meeting point with the PR-V 213.3 y PR-V 222 climbing Adzeneta, seek the path to the right leading up to Benicadell. Pass by the Cava del Benicadell, then we will make a small down to look the way up to Benicadell. Before climbing to the summit to be careful for protection there is a pit about 4 meters deep that is in ruins. We will pass through the ridge section with some difficulty. Panoramic views. Reaching the top of Benicadell.

Lowering take the same way up but no longer go through the cellar, we head west to find the house (ruins) of D. Miguel. Cavas Carcaixent. We will pass on the same side, the path to search els of Albaida Fontanars, hence; the N-340, and then the ditch to look for the old N-340 and the same to seek Caseta Senabre where there is a source population of Muro, the school Bracal.