The route is north of the Sierra Mariola, particularly in the area of the Penya the Frare; It is a ring that goes around it. The starting point is the Ermita de San Antonio, ending the tour at the same point. It is advisable to reach the second information booth located at the junction or fork in the path, start the tour by the right of the house, but perfectly it can be done in both directions.

To start the tour will take the Cami Raco Roca, passing through several chalets, a source of drinking water (Plana de Aguas del Pinar). At ten minutes to reach the railway earthworks Cicada (Muro-Cieza), continue along the earthworks, reaching the box in ruins. The road is on the left hand before the box is the climb to the climbing area, passing through the box and we walk 20 minutes from the starting point, let dozing and continue along the road to the left, and when we will take a path parallel to the railway right, then we go back to dozing railroad passing a source of drinking water (Penya the Frare water also Pinar) we walk 30 minutes from the starting point. We reach a junction and take the road on the left, past the booth Caira having a pine forest, soon will come a path that will take us to the track to Agres, we will take the track to the left, passing under the bridge railroad north, at the crossroads take the road on the left, discard the track to the right that goes to the village of Agres (we walked 50 minutes from the starting point), we passed the booth Baldomero, the road here is rise. Arrive at the booth Juanito Albert, us leave to the left and continue to the right, we reach the junction there is a booth unfinished is the house of Manolo Gallina, left the road leads to the shed Candela, take the right path there is a chain (we walk 1: 30h, from the starting point), after a slope reach the highest part of the route, quickly reach the Payano booth under a large pine tree, (we walking 1: 50h from the starting point). This road is all downhill, pass through them carresquestes, come some terraces of olive trees, we will go to a concrete track, passing under the railway bridge North, (we walked 2: 10h from the starting point), take the path on the left to find the way Raco Roca and arrive at the same railroad crossing dozing Cicharra where we had already been on the rise, to find the hermitage of Sant Antonio, point of departure and arrival.