The tour takes place in the east of the Sierra de Mariola, this tour is a ring that starts at the position of the Red Cross Wall and therm in the same place. It can be done in both directions, that is, the right and climb down the left or right.

The route passes by: Tennis Club de la Plana, cross a bridge over the railway from Alcoy-Jativa. Following the tarmac comes the broken Barranco and reach a barrier that cuts the path we will take the right path passing through the Cigala caste. Taking the old path will continue to exit to the previous dirt road width. We will take the right until you reach a fork, take the left that leads to the farmhouse the Magre (dilapidated house). We will take the new narrow path to the source of Raco Llobet, from there we will go to the farmhouse of the same name owned by the Society of hunters Wall. There is the cross that rises to the Summit Montcabrer and Refugio del Alcoy with Cente hiker down to Agres. We will take the wide road on the left which passes 50 meters from the source of Xop, then visit the source of cornbread. We will continue to take the road already paved, the left passing a small house on our left. At the time we take a path on the left that goes to the road and continue along the left of other booths to house the Cipreret where the road is unpaved but wide and the last stand of the road is called Dentist booth. Narrow path comes again and when we choose a fork, the left continues the path without difficulty and the right goes to the Escurrupania Barranco, stretch with difficulty but that any mountaineer with little experience can move smoothly. We go where we go we will go to the same place. We will spend about 80 meters of potable water tank Wall, where there is a drinking fountain. Following the asphalt road, we will go to the starting point, or the Red Cross Since de Muro.