Natural Park of Font Roja keeps the best examples of Mediterranean forest around Alicante. Copies of oaks, maples, ashes and oaks form a unique forest mass.

To access the Font Roja sanctuary, where we will start the tour, we from Alcoy. At the exit towards Alicante on the N-340 to the right part the AP 2001 road leads us to the parking of the sanctuary, where we leave the car at 11 km.

Shoes or hiking boots. Clothing appropriate to the season. Backpack with water and snacks supplies half of the tour (sandwich, fruit and nuts, etc.). Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and lip balm. Photo machine.

Of interest:
The Shrine and its surroundings. The forest. Cova Gelada. Verandas and views. Copies of oak, ash, maple and oak. Snow wells. The interior of the forest. Mas de Tetuan and yew. The views from the summit of Menejador. The whole excursion.


We started the tour on the forecourt of the same sanctuary, where the visitor center is. By some stairs we went to where the restaurant and turn left to reach the Glorieta dels soon Paellers.


In this gazebo with tables and paelleros, we find the oldest oaks Park. We leave it and make a right turn with the road, which soon passes by Cova Gelada, karstic, which maintains a temperature of 7 degrees. The road climbs until it reaches the Pla de la Mina.


In the Pla de la Mina found a reproduction of a lime kiln and a charcoal. There is also a splendid viewpoint, which suggest up to see both the forest beautiful bill north face we are going through as the valley that rises to his feet, and the Sierra de Mariola, a little further. We follow the path and arrived at Pla dels Galers. Here we see how the carrascal forms a dense vegetation cover with moss and lichen attached to the rock and the tree trunks, by also climbing ivy and other vines of Mediterranean forest. Later we got up to the Mirador de Pilatos. New stop to enjoy another perspective of the previous views. We walked on and arrived at Mas de Tetuan, example of old farm. A hundred year old yew call our attention.


We leave the GR 7, which goes to Ibi. The road makes a turn to bring left, rising slightly, until we reached Cava Coloma, one of the ancient constructions used for conservation and use of snow. We follow the forest track and we overlooking the sunny side of the mountains, where vegetation is remarkably clear. To the right are three more cavas (Noguera, Simarro and Canyo), we can see if we have time. The road makes a slight descent and leads us next to a water tank for fire extinguishing.


In the water tank the way that we brought forks. We discard the left, by then we will go down. Which turns right up to a shelter before us. We can take it, but it is better to climb the path that leads to his left (between two roads) and soon leaves us in that shelter. Behind the shelter leaves a path, crossing a mountain carrascal with scrubby copies, leaves us at the top of Menejador, splendid hill from which all the surrounding mountains are: Aitana, Maigmo ... and even the distant Mugron of Almansa, almost in La Mancha. Also visible is the sea.


We return from the top of Menejador the shelter and the water tank. Now if we take the path that we throw on the rise and we now have at our right hand. Following him, about 150 meters we find that out a path. The must take. The path into the forest, a wonderful forest of elves. It is something to be calm, we wrapped a breath of magic. The low path winding through the woods. At one point we find remains of an old coal bunker. The trunks of the trees, covered with moss and lichen have a beautiful multicolored patina. Finally, the trail ends and ends at the Pla de la Mina. From there we follow the way up to the Pla dels Paellers and then the sanctuary. We have enjoyed a unique tour.