Muro de Alcoy out of the path of Rincon de Roca, following the PR-CV-277. The first meters run by urbanization, until we pass under the railway. In that area is the post link pointing to the PR-CV-56 which we shall return later. We pass under the railway track and continue along a track until you reach the trailhead. The trail ascends the slope of the mountain, and in about 20 minutes we passed a small shelter, we leave to the left. We walked the track attentive to see a cairn on the left. We leave the PR-CV-277 at this point, following a path on the left that climbs to the peak Teix, first by the shade, and then along the ridge of the mountain. A little before reaching the Teix, in a runar, we will see a poster of botanical Mercer. At this point the trail splits into two. We turn left, uphill, through the top of the micro-reserve of flora dels Runar Teixos, before reaching the peak Teix with his observation booth. Track down the dugout watching Teix Montcabrer arrived at the shelter. Before going to the Montcabrer, let's go through the nearby Gran cava, which is five minutes from the shelter, down the track. Back to the shelter, we follow the PR-CV-27 towards Cocentaina. On the trail passed through a liaison post PR-CV-56 and before we reached a hill with posts PR-CV-37. We turn left, following the PR-CV-37 and GR-7 shared path. We went up to Montcabrer after a detour by the font of Povet, in its sheer east face. From the top there is an excellent view of the flat Muro de Alcoy, Benicadell, La Safor, Serrella and Aitana. We retraced our steps along the PR-CV-37 back to the hill where it joins the PR-CV-27. At that point there is a path down to the Rincon Llobet. We walked down the path and leave a trail, we continue on the left to go to Mas del Rincon Llobet. We are in the PR-CV-56. Llobet's Corner, go down the path, we pass the font of Rincon Llobet and continue the descent down the ravine of the broken alternating sections of track and track. Halfway down, we reached a paved track that we continue the route. On the track back to go through the railway, this time over a bridge, and in the next house we found, turn left again to link with the PR-CV-277. Wall return to the path of Rincon de Roca.