The journey starts in Muro de Alcoy (Alicante), and more specifically in Box of Xitxarra at the foot of the Penya Grossa and the Frare, which is accessed by Camino of Timo born at km 14.3 of the road CV-700 that connects with Muro de Alcoy Agres. We started the walking tour by putting westward through pines and following the route which once opened for Xitxarra train. After traveling 2.4 km we reached the ravine Secant and a few meters later we leave the path of Xitxarra to turn left onto a path / road. We crossed the bridge of the railway and headed to the Font de Arrier, we found it when we arrive at an asphalt road. Turn right passing by the gate of Mas de Calixto and move 1,500 meters before turning left onto a steep and wide dirt path. Found several links; in the first we go to the right, in the second continue straight in the third we go to the right, in the room we left, and the fifth going to the right, leading to a paved road where we turn left . We walk 345 meters other asphalt ascending until you find on the left a dirt road by which we turn and that leads to the ruins of Mas de La Mola. Mas born from a path that rises to the top of the Cerro de La Mola, where there is an archaeological site, attributed by experts to the Bronze Age. After leaving the imagination of what could be this settlement, how they lived, and even how they thought, given the great choice of place with broad view of the environment, we continue with our route flying. We return our steps to the road in the Mas de La Mola by which we came. To the left is bifurcated into two, we take the upper branch (right) and 30 meters later we left to catch a path that leads from the front. Once already stuck in the Camino Vell Agres we continue to enjoy the environment and rural architecture developed for the Way. We wandered through the hamlet of La Fita until it joins a dirt road and in the domains of Penya Grossa. We turn left and we descend through the Estret of Agres. We passed the Villapilar house, and upon reaching a fork turn right until you find a tarmac road. Go right, giving away the railway through a tunnel, and his departure is a double curve where a path born on the right that we, without leaving the path we arrive at the Xitxarra. Now we can only go right to find the starting point.